Loving Muslims Together (齊愛穆民)

Loving Muslims Together
Online Prayer & Learning Event
Date Jun 11, 2024 (Tuesday)
Time 8:00 ~ 9:15PM  ET  |  5:00 ~ 6:15PM  PT
Speaker Before the 1979 Islamic Revolution in The Islamic Republic of Iran, there were only a few hundred converts to Christianity from the country's majority religion, Islam. Open Doors ranks Iran today as the 9th country on their World Watch List where Christians face the most extreme persecution. Despite that, by God's grace and provision, in the past decade Iran has been one of the fastest-growing churches in the world. Some estimates point to a million or more Iranian converts to Christianity.

You are invited to hear an inspiring testimony of brother Ali, born in a Muslim family in The Islamic Republic of Iran. Ali's family immigrated to the United States when he was six. Ali had dreams of becoming the wealthiest Muslim and continuing Islam in his family. At the age of 25 he left university to work on Wall Street. His dreams were within grasp, but the Lord had far better plans for Ali.

Come join us and hear brother Ali's inspiring story. Our special guest will share about being born and raised as a Muslim, how—through the friendship with a Christian friend—God revealed the truth to Him and he came to know Jesus as His Lord and Savior.
Platform ZOOM Meeting
Language English w/ Cantonese interpretation channel
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