Roma Prayer Fellowship 2021

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According to the 2018 Barna’s research, 51% of churchgoers today do not know about the Great Commission! Perhaps it’s a mindset issue that we still need to overcome. The task of a firefighter is not to fight fire, but to save lives. Likewise, the ultimate task of the church is not to build church, but to spread the soul-saving gospel! The objective of building up more churches is to facilitate the execution of the Great Commission.

As you know, CCCOWE is an evangelistic movement from God. CCCOWE is neither a church nor a denomination, and it is also different from other para-church organizations; rather, it is a coordination centre having the role of "Servant, Prophet and Bridge," connecting churches and gospel organizations to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Succeeding the cross-cultural vision of late Rev. Thomas Wang, Chinese churches around the world are to heed the call reaching out to Roma people in the Eastern Europe. Have you felt incapacitated by the COVID pandemics? Are you ready to see, learn, join and act?

A mission movement needs at least three resources: first, human resource; second, financial resource; and three, spiritual (prayer) resource. So let’s do prayer fellowship together!
Date September 18, 2021 (SAT)
Time 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT
Format Zoom Webinar
Language English, Cantonese & Mandarin
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